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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  April 27, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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gli . spying is bigger than businesses like to. that's hour show for tonight. see you next week. >> this is a fox news weather alert. live from america's news headquarters. it is 11:00 on the east coast 10 in the midwest where people in arkansas are dealing with a one-single cell super storm that has been dangerous through out the night. reports of tornadoes have been going throughi the state causin incredible damage. it has been a terrible evening in arkansas. one reporter from our affiliate explained it this way. it is chaos out here. an emergency situation on the ground not only from the tornado but from the aftermath where
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people are being evacuated using a gas line break in the may flour area. at interstate 40 a major roadway is shut down at may flower. we have more from little rock arkansas. one lag large. that what that means the cell that started in northern caldena county. >> multiple tornadoes. >> one storm. >> one storm. >> that is really tough. >> let's check in with chef real quick donna. i want to have chef update us on all of the tornado warnings off to the north in parts of jackson and independence county.
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>> we have a tornado warning in effect nor 10, 15. we have tornadoes here. circulation still remains around rosie looking to the north, northwest. we are not out of the wij today. we are veesh yated why the storm. we haven't had a recent rorp of a tornado at least not from this particular cell here. it is quite possible this thing could still produce a tornado as it moves into jackson county toward the newark area. when you look at the conventional radar view it doesn't look like much. but there is still a circulation. we continue to get new video from the may flour and the thunderstorm produced the nassive tornado. you will see the scope of this.
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stz ha it is hard to tell what is northbound and what is not. massive flay flower going across the area. it is hard to image even going on the road and seeing something like this. in your community at home thu see the black clouds. stick to your tornado precautions and devastating, huge, huge horn doe. quite a bit of time analyzeings the damage path to term how strong it was. just by looking at it. we know it is a strang tornado blocking itself fitly outan. >> we still have the tornado
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warning in parts of shark county and black robbing. still have a the morning effect. strawberry right now moving in the direction of poke upon at thats. this is what is left of the big super cell thunderstorm. it is in new york over ward missouri. this thing is still going. we are getting are willy far away from the ril rock radar. that is why the definition looks like it is got that dad. we are not severely done. >> we can see a tornado threat is still going on there. they will be dealing with this much through out the evening. early reports from apiffiliate klrt explaining this will go on until a 1:00. meanwhile a half a mile road
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tornado ripped through maria mol lean nae it is souf ding for the people may learn about a gas power line that may cause possible explosions. what are you finding on the ground there, maria? >> when we arrived, kelly, we did smell some gas. there were reports of gas. we did also spot what looked like wildfires or fires to the north and east of where the tornado moves through parts of interstate 40. we are currently in the may flour area. this is about 20 minutes to the north of little rock arkansas. we were here because there was a high risk that was issued by the storm prediction center for long tracks and violent tornadoes. there was that risk already in place. we were with storm chasers
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showing the tornadoes shut down. emergency service was declared because the tornadoes did touchdown and there was debris started. traffic came to a stand still. we saw dee brie eve-- debris ev where. there were people that were injured. cars completely moved off the side of the road. it was very strong winds from the tornado. early reports is it was a half mile ride. there is a threat because of the violent tornadoes. >> did you see the storm? at one point you indicated you and your crew claysed him. it is hard to find the location
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-- rotation of a tornado. to find the darkest and the mall of that tornado. >> we had radar in the car that is how we to theed that rotation. it picked up de breel. you can see the debris on radar from the tornadoes. i am facted some pies and picked it up. we got fooi minutes away from the storm and we were able to do the clouds that appeared to be a thunderstorm. it appeared to be let it was lightening but traffic tame to a stand still. there were police cars and also ambulanc ambulances. t trying to get to the scene of course. we arrived no injuries that's what we see. >> we are getting reports from
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our affiliate that some people who were on the ground actually saw 18-wheelers thrown about and they have seen a lot of buildings damaged just as you survived. i look the fact that first responders are trying to go in and help search and rescue. i am sad to worp this storm system has called fatalities. but it all seems to be coming from one single super skrel stor -- cell storm. can you explain what that is so we can understand how powerful it is. >> the super secell thunderstor has a lot of ingredients in place. warm temperatures. behind the storms to the west of it vfz very dry air. that's -- large thunderstorm.
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we knew the storm prediction center which is part of national weather service issued a high i say c risk for arkansas. it is rare. it is only issued to possibly -- only several days in a year, if that. that is where we came to arkansas. that particular storm, it has to bick up debris and able to get 5 minutes away from the storm. with y questi we found a lot of debris in search and rescue ongoing. >> thank you for being there to report us through out the night. the main thing for me to you and all of us at fox please stay safe you do this as cautiously as possible. i know you are out there trying to pope people and give them information. >> maria molt leina always does
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great i don't know job. as i wanted to talk to you about what's happening there was a community where it was hit by this storm. one fatality. buildings have been damaged and it is just devastating. first responders searching and trying to rescue people. people will go back and surround it. folks if you are just joining us tonight we want to remind you getting a recap on a powerful storm system. a single cell storm system has been going through arkansas and acoulds it the central united
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states. a twister carving a bath of destruction through the northern maria molina. it hit about 10 miles at 7:00 p.m. it is local time. move north to 30 miles. that's acareding to the reddest hit. did we get it especially some of the prorpers right now from krrtv is reporting. >> morgan some casualties at the event. no numbers have been able to -- not been able to confirm that. this sea justin mcdaniel and congressman tim griffin are at the scene. they were about to be briefed by the bha -- mayor. i asked if they had any knowledge about the extent of damage. >> that's our reporter on the
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ground there if the livonia air gnaw. we are praying for hot people, certainly the twist of ark la-- condolences to those who lost their loves ones. i am kelly write whether the weather afert, we are going to continue with our programming. boy's death. d~ cf is calling for more social workers to handle the overload of cases. we'll be right back with greg gutfold. >> if you would like to respond. go to you can connect on facebook and sign up to follow my
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the author of the new bock not col. police welcome greg gutfeld. >> one of the things i love about your bock, you have a list of free radicals and even named me as a guy, do you think i am cool or just because you are afraid to bump with me in the hall? >> nothing to do with getting on your show? >> nothing at all. >> the governor is immune to anyone's opinions about himself. he has what he calls the code and he's not only right, it is something that is important. he is persuasively right.
8:17 pm
he is persuasive in his arguments and this is a big problem i find in all ideologies and with conservativism and libittarian ands they don't know how to persuade people. that is an issue with your cappedidates. if you are up against president obama who is cool? where does cool get you? no where. he was persuasively progressive and what conservatives and libittarians needs someone who is right and persuasively right x. you play a base that is least colininstrument. >> no, it is coolest of all. >> no, you are not ashamed to play the bass. the problem with the book though, when people hear about it, they think it is hit people and it is not. it is a mine set that is subversive mind set that said all tradition and family and work is bad. this is why the book to me is
8:18 pm
most important book for young people that is out there right now. no one told them this in this manner. parents will tell their kids, don't listen to the people who want to do bad things. that makes them want to rebel. they are explaining to you why it is bad and why there is it no inherent value in doing something that is against your own intchlt and no one told kids that way without sounding like a doshg. >> my favorite chapter was called southern discomfort that is about the south. and i love the south and i rather have corn bread and cat fish. and that whole thing. you really paid a great compliment to southeners and said they are misunderstood. >> you know it is easy for comedians when they talk about
8:19 pm
southeners, they play out red- neck cliche and stupid people and the fact is, in my book, i talk about what are the worst crimes in recent times taking place? not in the south. look at the goz nel mass murder that is in philadelphia. you can so what happen in the castro household, that was in cleveland, that is a city. why did that happen? it happened because of a lack of neighborly concern. when the cities that are now desolate wastelands. no one makes eye contact. if you have a neighbor squatting no one wants to get involved. the south is predicated on getting involved and knowing your naeshs. it is like, if there is something going on over there you check it out. (applause) >> and people speak to each
8:20 pm
other on the street and pull over when a funeral procession comes by and help a total stranger and if a tornado hits the house it is the way they live. only flaw with the south is that they are perhaps too friendly. i went to 31 cities in the south. it was incredible how much food they gave me and to a cliche, how much moon shine. they, people gave me. no hip new yorker is going to give me moon shine. some kid, and southern conservative kid with tattoos and nose ring. i made this in my garage. >> dpreg, the book is great and one of theerancy i wanted to have you, you said i was cool, not many people said that. >> you are good, you are not cool. >> that is fine, i will take it. >> best of luck on the bock.
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not cool. by greg gutfeld. >> enjoy the mug. >> your mug on the mug. i got that, too. allegations of a va cover up involving the deaths was 40 veterans in arizona and where are they serving subway sandwiches behind bulletproof glass. really? my reaction and the quotes of the week coming up next. i'm type e. my golden years will not just be gold plated. i had 3 different 401(k)s. e*trade offers rollover options and a retirement planning calculator. now i know "when" i'm going to retire. not "if." was a truly amazing day.ey, without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at but there are some places even mr. can
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or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. >> the national day of prayer is going to be here soon and to help kids learn god's role in the founding of our nation. a project i am involved with released a dvd all about the god in the role of history.
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one nation under god. you can get a free copy. it is free god >> a report in the arizona reprobable alleges that 40 veterans died awaiting medical appointments and that the va health system tried to cover it up with secret records to hide the length of wait times. arizona septemberor jonator mck for: >> never have i seen a cover up of 40 people dying. this is why we need to use government to get to the bottom of this, and if it is thorough hold those accountable. >> absolutely hold them accountable. it is bad enough to send veterans in harm's way where they risk loss of life and facing the bullets of terrorist
8:26 pm
and foreign enemies. when they come back home, the least thing they should have to worry about is that their own government kill them with inattention. this is unacceptable. i hope that no one will allow the concept of letting veterans be put on the shelf to wait as acceptable or tollerable. we owe the veterans of this country to treat them better than that. absolutely has to happen. (applause) nevada reg end clive bundy lost support in the stand off in the government when he made derogatory comments about african-american. on thursday bundy tried to defend his comments. >> are they better off and happier when they were in the south in their homes and with their chickens and their gardens and children a round them and their men having something to
8:27 pm
do? are they better off? >> i am sure mr. bundy you are not better off for making statements that nobody can defend and no one would try to defend it. and people who supported you run from you as fast as anybody can gho go. the obvious reasons that the comments were objectionable and deplorable. i hope however, that we don't forget what people were standing up for had nothing to do with bundy personally and anything he believed. the issue and i want to make sure you understand. the issue for many of us was it necessary for the federal government to escalate the problem that was created there and the whole idea of his cattle grauzing that they were willing to point high-powered rifles at citizens of the united states and threaten to kill them over cows eating grass?
8:28 pm
this is really what has been the front of the issue for me? i am not defend clive bundy. he is pay for the grass, but you don't shoot somebody over it. and that is an issue i hope that is not lost on any of us. (applause) the crime is so bad in chicago subway shops are putting up bulletproof glass between the employees and customers. not according to the woman who works next to the subsway shop. it is not odd. it defends on the owner wanting to keep the employee's safe. our cities are in a real mess when you have to put bulletproof glass between the customers and employees in a simply place
8:29 pm
place that makes sandwiches. no one is explained it. and so as a result people like the owners of the subway sandwich shop protect their employees with bulletproof glass. that is sad. >> and the recent meeting of obama care and state insurance commissioners was so alarming many are raising red flags. ohio commissioner mary taylor explains next. scott: okay, neighbors, here's the top-drawer skinny. scotts wraps each seed in a brilliant water smart plus coating, that feeds, protects, and holds in moisture to make growing thicker, healthier grass easier. now let's spread your newfound knowledge! seed your lawn. seed it!
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understabling ukraine. in two seconds huckabee. last week ohio commissioner and lieutenant governor mary tea lower joined the shrps commissioners as they met with president obama to talk about epirollment issues. she was unsettled in that meeting and here to explain. and joining me now is lieutenant
8:34 pm
mary taylor. i know this meeting was a significant one as you had a conversation with the president. you use the term unsettling, why? >> well, it was more of the same. there was no now information. the president and administration pushing at the insurance commissioners to hold rates down. they believed they were going to be held down for 2015. but they are putting pressure on us to do the job they don't want to do and can't do number two. in addition to that. they are asking us to hold back on consumer protection and usurping our authority. and we will make sure consumers are protected in ohio. >> when you get all insurance xhilgzers together from each of the states. they are elected and some
8:35 pm
appointed. they have to regulate the insurance industries for the people of their state and make sure the prices are fair and prem yups are realistic. and it is your job to defend the people of your state. all of you come together and hear the president. it was interesting that one of the ceo's of the a etna had an interesting perspective. one of the few insurance excutives who said the president did a lot of the decisions on the fly. did that bring audible gasp to the rom when he said that with the insurance commissioners? >> obviously it is concerning to us. it is something that i have said for the last couple of years, every time the obama administration takes upon themselves to change the law or delay it creates ha voc in the marketplace. ultimately the biggest concern it impacts consumers.
8:36 pm
consumers looking to purchase health insurance are paying the price. premiums are going up and he believes that the increase will be because of the delays and it is very concerning to us and a policy and law not working in the state of ohio and every time they make any kind of change it makes it worse for the ohio consumers. noregon was enthusiastic about obama care and this week oregon walked away from a state- run exchange and say the feds will have to do it. that is after spending hundreds of millions of dollars of oregon taxpayer money. how significant is oregon saying we are done and can't make it work? >> i think it is significant. first of all a state all in favor of obama care and preparing to run their own state- based exchange and did
8:37 pm
not work for them. the website is still not fully functional. and i think it reenforces why governor can you sack and i said no. we'll not be part of what we believe is a mass for consumers. >> it is great to have you on, mary. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you, governor. >> a now film that celebrates father hod in traditional marriage creating so much controversy. i will ask jim daily next, from focus on the family.
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>> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> test >> >> test
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>> each weekday hear my comenatory. go it a new film called irreplaceable has a christian message and focuses on the traditional family structure. >> how different do you think your life would be if your influence of your father would be positive. >> my morals and my values and virtue. i would have been a different person. >> yeah, i missed that. i missed, i don't know what it is like to have a relationship
8:42 pm
with a dad. never been there. >> our family would be a lot better. and i wont have ended down the road. >> they are interviews taken with people incarcerated. and the film irreplaceable is scheduled to be released and getting a lot of back lash for its message. joining me president of the focus on the family jim dally. >> great to be with you. >> i had an opportunity to see the entire film and it was powerful. it was subtle and not hit you in the middle of the nose coined of film and it drew you in. and i couldn't find anything controversial. jim, this film has been attacked why? help me understand this. i don't understand it either. you talk about family and natural marriage that is controversial in this culture
8:43 pm
today and the film talks about the importance of marriage one man and one woman. >> some of the critics tried to get it out of theaters and cancelled and your portrayal of traditional marriage was right- wing marriage. >> think of that. my jaw dropped when they told me. that this is it working with theater chains. they threatened to drop the film. and think of that. a film that talks about marriage and because it is it the right- wing style of marriage. >> what was the biggest take away that you felt as the film was proused and you felt like the vower would say, that is a role part of fixing the culture. >> i think we concentrate about the fringe. the three percent or five percent and people who do things differently. what about the 80 or 90 percent of us who will do it normally?
8:44 pm
how do we find our strength in the culture and do it well. that university of chicago study. two groups heading to divorce. one-half pulled back and five years later. 85 percent of them were happier to work through the confrontation and conflict x. those who went forward, 80 percent of them were less happy. we need strength to work through difficulty. we are so self centered we have to do better in our marriages. what do you know approximate broken homes and families and broken pieces of the lives and your story is not love it to beaver. >> i had four alcoholic types. alcoholic father. and step dad who married my mom and walked out on the funeral of my mother a year later and ended up in foster care and he accused me of trying to murder him at nine and half. and no, i didn't do it by the
8:45 pm
way and my brother who i liveed with in high school. when we talk about the experience of father. i think i know a bit about that. >> the passion of your own heart toward helping people understand the value of a father comes to you in the film. it is a powerful film and i hope people, do they show up or watch the nierp. >> go to irreplaceable and it is over sen hundred theaters and one night event. seven time time 30 in every time zone. we need people who support traditional family to show up and it is encouraging to see that there is really hope for our culture and families, the very bed rock of our civilization. jim daily. thank you for ginning us. honor to have you here. >> thank you. >> coming up. country singer with a patriotic song that lifts up america and
8:46 pm
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he's a fisherman and haunter and a patriot who is big a supporter of our troops. he has a brand new album called cowboys, outlaws and borderline dogs. it has just hit the top 30. please welcome danny. things this is a great song. you've decided to donate the proceeds of this song to our veterans. this is a passion of yours.
8:50 pm
tell me why. >> a major in the armed forces is getting ready to go on his fourth term of duty asked me to write a song for his wife. and i don't have that bowl of wisd i said i'll throw it up there to the man. lady liberty blew in the door. just taken on its own live oo i got to play it for joint chiefs ofli staff and other organizations to raise money for troops we're donating the down load proceeds to wounded troops. >> the charity run by a mutual friend of ours, a great american hero himself v he's devoted hismnnvk life to he provide housing for our wounded veteran who's come back from afghanistan and iraq tell me about your relationship with the general. >> he's a hunting buddy for oner thing. >> that makes him a good man. >> yes. g the general's organization is somewhererg in the 90% of the
8:51 pm
proceeds going towards troops opposed to other things. >> this is off the album. it's that beautiful song. proceeds will go to the troops it's called "lady liberty". it is call lady liberty. ♪ as we approach our shows ♪ i see my standing here ♪ her tears her tears lead me to her smile ♪ she's my rose, shelter ♪ from a
8:52 pm
world of harm ♪ in our darkened times ♪ when we've all but given up ♪ lord she prays for you, for me ♪ her light fills me up my lady liberty ♪ generations come and gone. ♪ see her torch lit standing strong for us ♪ for all of the freedom of the people ♪ we'll live and die for our beliefs ♪ for lady liberty ♪ oh, lady
8:53 pm
liberty ♪ there it goes land of the free ♪ if you see us dancing there lady liberty. ♪ me ♪ ♪ lady liberty ♪ ♪ laid liberty ♪ lady liberty ♪ [ applause ] >> the song lady liberty. i love this song. i hope you'll download it how did we do it last time? i don't know... i forget.
8:54 pm
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this past week marks the 50th anniversary of president johnson declaring a war on poverty. on friday i spoke at an event in martin county. the very community where lbj traveled to announce what would become an almost $21 trillion effort in spending to end poverty. 50 years later, the poverty rate is about the same. you think that the government would look at the am spent and the minimal impact and declare that maybe a new model needs to be launched. but then you wonderful understand government. because 50 years and $21 trillion later some think we just need to spend more money. but look, i love the people that i met at the event. these are people who know hard work, hard times, and sometimes hard luck. but they aren't hard people. in fact they care deemly about their community and each other. and they reminded me the real
8:58 pm
hope of ending poverty is not another government program but empowering people with hope, resilience and character. there are people in our country who live in substandard housing and who don't have adequate food. unemployment has hit some of the coal mining towns especially hard. it doesn't hem that the current administration has declared a war on jobs when it come to the coal miners. but poverty is not just an economic condition. it is a spiritual condition. when people quit dreaming and hoping and believing and hoping, they get stuck in the poverty rut. many people started poor but didn't stay there. education, hard work and some breaks along the way has been the ticket out for many americans including me. but while money poverty can make it difficult, moral poverty is even more devastating. in 1964, only 7% of babies born outside families of two marries
8:59 pm
adults. in 2012, 29% of white babies voorks% of hispanic babies, and 72% of african-american babies were born into single parents homes. if poverty is a money issue, we failed. but the facts show that poverty is very much a marriage issue. sounds rather outdated but when marriage comes before children instead of children and then getting married, the poverty rate plunges. i don't doubt the sincerity of president johnson but i do doubt the sanity of a nation that would keep spending trillions for an effort that didn't appear to be working. we ought to care deepbly poverty and eliminating it. how about encouraging marriage, then moving the money and management for poverty to the local level and get it away from washington. and make sure that people have something government can't give but churches can and that is hope.
9:00 pm
that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. this is a fox news alert. there is frustration and sadness in arkansas a half mile wide tornado touched down this evening in the towns of may flower and bowl lona. frustration people not being able to find their relatives and sadness because there have been fatalities in that aftermath of the tornado. also, incredible stories of surviving the storm our affiliate reporting one woman took cover in her clet


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